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Have a health question? Instead of spending time looking through search engine results, chat one-on-one with a licensed doctor in real time and get immediate answers to your question.

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All our doctors are qualified and have an active license. We manually check through individual certificates and licenses to ensure you are in safe hands.

"Ask a doctor' service is really good! I am satisfied with the answer from this service. This service is good for someone like me who has anxiety about health issues. It makes me feel much better and I got to gain more knowledge through this service. Thank you."

-Anis, Malaysia

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Chat with a doctor from any place

Whether you're at the beach on vacation or doing your laundry, a doctor is just a few clicks away.

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We don't take your personal information for granted, so we have taken extra efforts to ensure that your questions and chats are confidential.


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Disclaimer: This service is not for emergency use, clinical diagnosis, nor treatment. This service is not intended to replace a physical physician consultation but to provide additional information. If you have an emergency, please call your emergency services and get prompt treatment.