7 Reasons Why Microsoft 70-487 Exam is Important to Your App Developer Career


The rising need for more sophisticated apps has led to increased demand for qualified mobile and web app developer professionals. According to the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the demand for professional web developers is expected to grow by 15% over the years. This means that app developers are the most sought-after experts today and even in the future. It’s time to consider becoming a web developer! What’s more, the road to becoming one has been made easier than ever, thanks to Microsoft! Microsoft exams and certifications aim to equip you with skills to design and develop efficient web applications that meet industry standards. This brings us to Microsoft 70-487 exam. The path implies that you’ve already gained the MCSA Web Applications credential by taking 70-480 or 70-483 along with 70-486 tests. So, the next exam you need to opt for on your way of a career developer is 70-487 exam known as the Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services test. It is designed to check your developer skills in using Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft®.NET core architecture in designing as well as developing web solutions. Passing 70-487 exam leads to Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) App Builder certification.

Microsoft 70-487 exam objectives

The exam checks how skillful you are in carrying out the following technical tasks:

  • Accessing of data
  • How to query and manipulate data using entity architecture
  • How to create and consume web API services
  • How to design and implement web services
  • How to deploy web applications as well as services

Microsoft 70-487 target audience


The exam is targeted at professional developers with 3-5 years of practical experience in using Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft®.NET core infrastructure in designing mobile and web app solutions. The prerequisite for 70-487 exam is MCSA Web Applications certification.

Microsoft 70-487 exam details

  • Exam types: Multiple-choice, build lists, case studies, fill-in-the-blank, teslets, simlets, drag-and-drop, hot area questions and simulations
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Pass score: 700 points
  • Exam fee: $165
  • Exam scheduling: Pearson Vue

How to pass Microsoft 70-487 exam?

Preparing for any exam requires enough time and total commitment. This is because exams are never easy. To pass exam Microsoft 70-487 Practice Test , you have to understand what the exam is all about. Next is to find the relevant study resources and commit to the prep process. Here’s how you can pass your exam on your first try:

  • In-depth coverage of exam objectives

Knowing the objectives will guide you on what topics to study. Use the Microsoft Official Website to know the exam details and objectives.

  • Start your preparation prior to the exam

This will help you have sufficient time for study. If you start your exam preparation late, you might end up rushing through it. This can lead to failing your exam.

  • Study guides

Use study guides to help you understand the exam objectives deeper. Study guides for 70-487 Exam on Microsoft Press Store breakdown the topics into bits that you can easily understand.

  • Self-paced labs

Use Microsoft self-paced labs to help you gain the much needed hands-on experience. Microsoft labs online would be very helpful for your exam prep.

  • Practice with past exams or dumps

Microsoft 70-487 exam dumps help you understand the exam concepts with ease, especially from a reliable resource as ExamSnap website. Practice with them many times until you’ve mastered the objectives. This approach also helps you know how the actual exam is like since ExamSnap’s dumps have questions and answers designed like the actual exam. The files available at ExamSnap are the most valid and updates as

the exam questions they contain are provided by real exam takers. In addition, the questions and answers have been carefully checked by IT experts. Thus, they are always up-to-date.


Importance of 70-487 Exam to Your Career: 7 Reasons

App development is an IT field that’s growing rapidly. This implies that as time goes by, more opportunities for professionals with app developer skills are increasing. Therefore, when you have skills that are in high demand it can only mean that your career growth and stability is assured. Let’s go deeper into what passing your 70-487 exam means to your professional career.

  1. Worldly recognized certification

Microsoft has continued to make a name as the best technology company today. With its unmatched products and services to its customers, who would even deny this? More innovations by Microsoft have made it the undisputed king of IT. If you pass your exam and attain a Microsoft certification, then it means you and your skills will always stand out.

  • Your credential demonstrates your professional skills

The only way to prove that you’re skilled in a specific field is to earn a certification. The MCSD App Builder certification is thus validation of the skills and experience that you have. This is one more reason to pass your 70-487 exam.

  • Increased confidence in your abilities

When you pass your Microsoft 70-487 test, you will strengthen your self-confidence. This is because by accomplishing this, you’ll know that you’re capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to achieve. Once you receive your credential, you can seek for better job opportunities and positions as compared to before.

  1. You become a valuable person

Once you pass your exam and have earned your credential, you’re going to be more useful than before. Advanced skills imply that you can provide more value at your workplace, completing your tasks efficiently and in a short span of time. You also get respect from your colleagues and gain authority in the company. So, every employer wants someone who can add more value through efficiency.

  • Increased job opportunities

With the certification as the MCSD App Builder, there won’t be any limits to how much you can do as an app developer. Should you decide to be self-employed, the opportunities here are endless. If you decide to seek employment, then nothing is going to stop you. You can always choose which way to go. The US Bureau of Statistics indicates that 1 in every 6 app developers choose to go for self-employment. According to them, the rest become employed in industries that include advertising, publishing and management consulting. It means that no matter which path you’ll choose to follow, there’s a high demand everywhere for your app developer skills.

Some of the jobs that you can do once you earn your credential include:

  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Mobile app developer
  • .NET web developer
  • IT specialist
  • ASP.NET developer
  • Senior .NET developer

As a professional app developer, you’ll be entitled to a median annual salary of about $100,000. This is according to salary information from Payscale.

  • Increased chances for promotions and more pay

When you can offer improved value in the marketplace, then the possibility of getting promotions and better job roles go up. Earning your MCSD certification is an indication of how much you can do. Employers will trust you with more work and higher roles. Growing in your career becomes more guaranteed. You would even be more respected by your colleagues and employer.

  • Personal satisfaction

Your MCSD credential would mean a lot to you. Meeting your set career and personal goals leads to personal satisfaction. This comes with the ease of getting a job, promotion or a salary raise. Satisfaction also comes when you know you have what it takes to deliver better results both at work and at home. Accomplishing more and meeting some of your work and personal goals would definitely mean a lot to you!

Concluding thoughts

If you want to stand out in today’s job market, then you better be doing something different from the rest! Earning a Microsoft certification is the best way to do this. This is because with an IT certification from the globally recognized leader, you become a qualified professional with the top skills. This means that you can provide effective solutions and complete your daily tasks successfully. By passing your Microsoft 70-487 exam and earning the MCSD App Builder certification, you demonstrate your commitment to value. Have a proper preparation for the exam, using the best prep materials and from ExamSnap as well. And this is not all. This will also open up more career opportunities for you!

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