Best Baby Bathtub Review For 2019

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Newborns, toddlers and the little ones generally, have a very fragile head, neck, arms, and legs. It is, therefore, a necessity that they should be handled with utmost care. There is no room for error, as they can be harmed easily.

A baby bathtub is designed such that you can place your baby safe while cleaning them. This would allow both of your hands to keep them clean with ease and convenience.

When it comes to choosing one, you need to decide carefully on how to make your baby safe and clean in the washroom. In this article, we will be reviewing the best baby bathtubs.

This review will guide you in choosing the best one for your little ones. We will first list the best 5, and then describe in detail the pros and cons of each.

Best Baby Bathtubs in 2019

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub- Best For Newborns

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe


2. Blooming Bath Lotus – Most Cushioned Bathtub

Blooming Bath Lotus


3. PRIMO EuroBath- Most Versatile

PRIMO EuroBath


4. Angelcare Baby Bath Support- Most Durable

Angelcare Baby Bath Support


5. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather- Best for Travel

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather


Having listed the best above, we will now go into full detail of each one.

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub- Best For Newborns

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe

This bathtub is the type that relaxes your baby and gives you the practical comfort you need. It has a form-fitting mesh that serves as a sling for newborns. Through the net, you can comfortably recline your baby in the bathtub without being completely in the water.

As your newborn leans back, the baby’s head will rest on a padded headrest. The real benefit of this net is to help your baby get used to bathing. A pleasant environment for bathing is a great way to soothe most babies. This tub is pleasing to parents with a calm infant. As it is less stressful for your baby, it is less stress for you as well.

This tub adjusts as your child grows. As your baby develops the ability to sit comfortably, you can change the tub by removing the mesh. Then your baby will have more room to play in the water.

When you change your child bathe to the full tub, he or she will then get used to the feeling of bathe without the net while in a tub that he or she knows well. This product helps you in achieving a smooth, and soothing transition for your baby. Such a cool transition is pleasant to most parents.

This bathtub is easy to move about with its lightweight. It also has different places for your hand to grab it easily. You just need to put it the adult bath when you want to bathe your child. It is not difficult to remove the bath is done.

If your baby is using the mesh, there is a small reservoir on the tub where you can put things like washcloths and baby shampoo. Its pads are mold resistant, which is important when it comes to a bathtub. This bathtub can hold up to 25 pounds which is more than enough for your need. The net can be washed both in the washing machine and dried in the dryer easily.


  • It is machine washable and dry-able
  • It has padded headrest for extra infant support
  • Mildew-resistant pads
  • It has lightweight
  • Beautiful design


  • The sling is not adjustable

Customer Feedback

Most parent like this bathtub as it is easy for them to use and clean. It is safe for their kids as they don’t roll off.

2. Blooming Bath Lotus – Most Cushioned Bath Tub

Blooming Bath Lotus

The Blooming Bath Lotus is a luxurious and high-quality bathtub. It is designed with four petals and a thinner foam. No parent will like to bathe her baby in a hard plastic tub when there are ones available in the cuddly softness of a delightful plush flower.

It has wide contoured shaped petals. Each petal is decorated with white or gray ornaments which are simple, clean and elegant. This soft and plush flower creates an amazing way to cradle and clean your baby safely.

As it is made of crystal Minky fabric, it is easy to wash and dry. It has polyurethane foam on the inside which also dries quickly, without giving chance to mold or mildew. Its materials are not treated with harmful chemicals or flame retardants.

This product is available in different adorable color combinations. It is suitable for newborns and infants up to six months. It is a convenient companion for infants changing to a large bathtub. It measures 33 inches from tip to tip. The center of the flower has a diameter of 8 inches.

When you are ready to bathe your baby, just plug the sink drain and insert the Blooming Bath. Then pool water to
a desired level and temperature. Ensure you do not run water directly on your baby. This is because the temperature might change without prior notice.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cushioning support for your kids
  • It is available in different attractive colors


  • Difficult to keep baby in a semi-reclined or seated position
  • It cannot be used by an older baby

Customer Feedback

Most users gave positive feedback about this product as their babies feel very comfortable in it. Parents are free from the fear of their baby hitting their head.


3. PRIMO EuroBath- Most Versatile

PRIMO EuroBath

The Primo Eurobath is suitable for newborns and older babies because of its size. It has a reclined backrest and a pretty heavy bump to keep the baby from slipping. This enables you to spend more time washing and playing. You spend less time trying to hold the baby in a comfortable position with one hand while working with the other laundry and multitasking.

This bathtub has a built-in drain with two spaces to put your soap, sponge, shampoo, etc. You can hang it on a wall or door hook in the bathroom when you are not using it. This helps to limit storage space. Just loop a plastic tie through the hole at the end of the rim and hang on the wall.

For smaller babies, place this tub at a slight height in order to protect your back. You can use a stand if you do not have enough counter space. There is a specially designed folding stand that can be bought together with the tub. It makes it more comfortable for parents and caregivers.

This tub can also be used by older babies. It tub is big enough to accommodate even older infants and toddlers. As older babies are likely to splash around, you can place this tub in the adult bathtub or on a towel on the floor to enhance the easy cleaning process.

This product is available in pearl white (which represents nice neutrality), pearl mint green and transparent blue. It is bulky and big and therefore takes a lot of space.


  • Unique anatomical shape
  • Three steps bathtub
  • Easy to use drain
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Large size


  • Very bulky and huge
  • Pretty hard to store.

Customer Feedback

Most users like this product as it was able to accommodate their growing baby without having to buy a lot of tubs as their baby grows. Many parents get fulfilled with the large size of the bathtub.


4. Angelcare Baby Bath Support- Most Durable

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

The Angelcare is the best for you if you like bathing your baby right in the sink. It is designed with a plastic seat which is very easy to use. It is smaller and lighter than the basin type of baby bathtubs. However, you need a tub or sink large enough to make room for this seat. It takes more water to run a bath than to fill a self-contained basin.

This brand is known for its superior quality. It has reliable bathing support that will give your little ones a safe bathing experience. The seat is mold resistant. All you have to do after removing this bath support from the tub is to dry with a towel.

The design is very easy to use with no curvature or crevices that normally retains moisture. The base itself is properly connected to the bottom of the tub. Because of its heavy weight, it does not move at all during bathing. You do not have to worry about it sliding sideways or spinning.

The seat is stable and conforms to your baby’s body shape. The seat material looks like mesh but is much better. It allows water to flow freely around your baby as he or she remains secure in it. Although the angle cannot be adjusted, it is ideal for small babies and toddlers. They can lie down completely and enjoy their bath time. You can also rest their lower body in the seat.

You can use this product in a sink or bathtub, depending on your choice. The size of this bathtub is 23 x 13.2 x 8.9 inches. It is ideal for newborns and toddlers who are less than 6 months and weigh less than 30 pounds.

It has a carrying handle at the top. As it is not bulky, it can be stowed easily. You can also bring it safely on your family vacation without taking much space in your luggage. You can also use it as a child seat when you’re on the beach with your little kid, giving you some additional options.

It is also very easy to clean, as water runs directly through the plastic seat. Therefore, your kid does not sit in the dirty water for minutes before you empty the tub. Angelcare Bath Support is built for longevity. You can rest assured that if you store it properly, you’ll be able to continue the use of this bathtub in the future if you want to expand your family later.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Molds and mildew resistant
  • The seat conforms to your baby’s shape.
  • It is very safe and stable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • It is easy to store
  • It is very durable


  • Not suitable for babies older than six months

Customers Feedback

Most users gave positive feedback about this product. It is easy to maintain. Most parents realized their babies enjoy bathing in it.


5. Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather- Best for Travel

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather

This is the perfect bathtub to safely and conveniently bathe your newborn baby. It has a soft mesh sling that holds the baby securely in place. This bath has several reclining positions where you will happily find the most comfortable position for your baby.

It is one of the cheaper bathtubs in the market and for the price, it is cost effective. This product fits in any bath regardless of size. The only issue is that there are no handles on the bottom, so it can slip in the adult bathtub.

It, however, has a step stool that prevents back strains. Squatting over the bath can be really uncomfortable, so the platform lifts your baby to a more comfortable level to reduce fatigue. You can use the bath support alone or in a sink or tub as support.

When your baby grows, it can go into a baby bath for children who can sit without help. The step stool part is suitable for adults up to 250lbs.

Because it’s foldable, it’s a great option for storage and travel. The bath is made of very light material, which means it can be moved easily whenever you need it.

It is made of machine washable fabric. The sling feature is a security feature, meaning that you can comfortably wash your baby with both hands without having to hold on to it.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for trips
  • Soft mesh, headrest and a sturdy base
  • It is foldable for easy storage


  • It is difficult to assemble
  • Your baby would grow out of it in time due to its small size

Customer Feedback

A lot of users like the fact that it has lightweight and its easy to use. However, few complained about the bath bottom as it slips while in use in the sink.


Types of Baby Bath Tubs

There are different types of baby bat tubs. They vary with designs and material of construction.

 1. Standard Tub: These are the first type of baby bathtub made of plastic. There is no cause for alarm using the plastic tub as this type of tub is safe. They are of low toxicity and are harm free to children.

Smaller ones are usually placed on the sink for younger babies. Many have a contoured design that allows children to sit up easily. Some are equipped with a removable mesh to hold your baby in place. If your baby can sit alone, it can get a bigger plastic bathtub that can be placed in your adult-size tub.

2. Foldable Tubs: This type can be folded for easy storage and thus save spaces. If you use are buying a foldable tub, make sure it is of high quality and does not leak.

3. Convertible tubs: These are designed to grow with your baby. It has adjustable positions that allow the newborn to use it easily.

4. Luxury Tubs: These are spa-like tubs that have bells and whistles, a small shower nozzle, motorized water jets, and soothing vibration depending on the brand. They are usually operated by battery. They are usually heavy and even more expensive than other baby bathtubs.

5. Inflatable Tubs: These are also space savers that can be deflated for easy storage. Many have a suction cup and an attached hook to air-dry the tub.

6. Standing Tubs: This type brings your baby to your height. This means you do not have to bend over to bathe your baby. This type can be quite expensive.

 Features to Look For In A Bath Tub

1. Temperature Gauge

Many tubs have a color change drain plug or a sticker-like strip to inform you when the water is too hot. Some bathtubs are equipped with a digital thermometer. If the tub you want to buy does not have a temperature gauge, you can buy it separately. You should ensure that the water temperature is not too hot. Always check the water temperature with your elbow or wrist, regardless of the temperature indicator.

2. Non-slip Surface

After apply soap on your baby, he or she will become very slippery. It is important to buy a tub with a non-slip surface to keep your baby in place while bathing. Be careful with foam pillows because your baby could tear off or bite off a piece and swallow.

3. Smooth Edge

A bathtub that has smooth edges and an overhanging is easier to pick up. It prevents your baby’s skin from getting scratched. Never move the tub while your baby is in it.

4. Drain Plug

After bending over to bathe your baby, the last thing you like to do is raise and drain the bath. A drain plug in a bathtub makes water remover fast and easy.

Baby Bath Tub Buying Guide

There are several factors to watch out for when purchasing a bathtub for your baby. Here is a buying guide to help you in choosing the best

1. Size

This is an important factor to consider. The bathtub must be of a size that will serve the baby as he or she grows. The size should fit your baby comfortably.

Apart from that, the bath should also have a contoured seat that keeps your baby comfortable. When you are checking for the size, you should also find one that fits easily into the countertop sinks. This facilitates easy bathing of your baby.

When a tub is too big for your baby, it has more space to slide with increase drowning risk. Also, a too small tub will be uncomfortable for them and makes it a bit difficult to bath them properly.

2. Construction

You also need to know the design of the bathtub. It is important to ensure they are made of high-quality plastic material that is free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates. The bathtub should fit your baby exactly as expected.

3. Costs

It is also important that you know the cost of the bathtub. They have different prices, which vary depending on size, design, and comfort. Despite the cost, you should get a bathtub that matches your budget.

4. Safety

The safety of the bathtub is another key factor to consider when ordering. This is because your baby has to be safe always in the bathtub. One of the safety features you should be aware of includes the non-slip interior feature that prevents slipping

4. Durability
When buying a baby bathtub, you should consider a type that will last you for a long time.

5. Easy Maintainance

Before buying a tub, consider how easy it is to clean. Tub with crevices can be a bit difficult to maintain. Other factors to look out for include weight and portability of the tub.

Over To You

Having reviewed the best baby bathtubs, we will like to hear from you. How do you find this review? Was it helpful? Have you used any of these brands before now? Is there a type you think should be part of this review? Kindly let us know by leaving a comment.

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