Best Baby Food Maker Review For 2019

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A baby food maker can be a great addition to any kitchen so you can make great, healthy and organic foods for your precious little babies. Preparing large quantities of fresh food using a baby food maker will save you a lot of money. You will be in charge of the quality of your baby’s food.

There are different types on the market and finding the best one can be a bit challenging. In this review, we will be helping you choose the best one for you. We will be listing the top 5 first, then we will describe each product in detail without leaving the pros and cons of each.

The Best Baby Food Makers in 2019

1. BEABA Babycook 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker- Best Overall


2. Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker- Best For A Low Budget


3. Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Machine – Most Durable


4. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System- Best for Large Storage


5. NUK Mash and Serve Food Preparation Bowl- Most Portable


Having listed the best 5 above, we will go into full detail of each product.

1. BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker- Best Overall

BEABA Babycook 4in1 baby food is renowned for reliability, efficiency, ease of use, and safety. It serves a steam Cooker and blender. It is dishwasher Safe with about 4.5l cups that is of large capacity. This implies you can put together multiple servings of food in one batch.

You can use it with just one hand, such that as you hold your baby in one arm, you can steaming, cleaning, defrost or heat up his or her food at same time. It has a water reservoir on the side, which contains water for steaming. It is made of stainless steel in place of plastic. All surfaces in contact with food are free of BPA, lead, and phthalate.

This device is very easy to clean, use and extremely reliable. The engine is quiet when it is in use. When you want to steam, place your freshly cut fruits or vegetables in the basket and just press the steam button. After 15 minutes, the basket with freshly steamed food is simply tipped into the bottom of the bowl and the knob is turned to make beautiful smooth purees. It has a timer with an audible alert to tell you when your meals are ready.

The knobs are intuitive and easy to use. It is used to make baby puree and also to mix some frozen fruits and vegetables to make a small smoothie. It can work pretty well as a small blender.

Keep in mind that all baby food makers that can steam produce mineral deposits when using anything other than distilled water in your water reservoir. As suggested by Beaba, descaling with vinegar can be very helpful.


  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Large cup capacity
  • One-handed operation
  • It is easy to use
  • Auto-shut off timer sounds
  • Narrow footprint for easy storage


  • A bit pricey

Customer Feedback

Most users like this product as they can make much bigger batches with it. They also love the fact that it blends smoothly well and it can stop on its own after completing a turn.


2. Infantino Squeeze Station Baby Food Maker- Best For A Low Budget

This machine contains a squeeze station, 3 tubes, 1 press, and 10 squeeze bags. Its tubes are easy to fill, and press. The refillable pouches are what you need to store your baby food instead of a glass jar. The design of this device is also great. It makes taking out of the pouches once they are full easy.

The product is can be clean by dishwasher just like other kitchen utensils. Even without a dishwasher, you should be able to easily wash the product with simple means. As it can be nested together, it takes up little space. This allows it to be stored easily in tight spaces around the kitchen.

This machine enables you to easily whip your baby food puree and put it in storage pouches. Best of all, these pouches are BPA-free, so you can be sure your baby is not exposed to harmful contaminants.

The pouches are the reason why people choose this device. They help with the storage and transport of baby food. Aside from baby food, your preschoolers can also pack puree for a snack or lunch.

The Infantino squeeze station is easy to use especially when you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It can hold up to 4 ounces of homemade puree. It also has a non-slip base. Ensure you do not overfill when filling.


  • It is easy to maintain and store
  • It takes little space
  • The pouches are BPA-free and safe
  • In four simple steps, you are ready with the production and packaging of puree
  • The product is easy to assemble when used for the first time


  • The pouches are not reusable
  • It can sometimes be messy when the pouches are filled with a puree

Customer Feedback

Most users love this product especially for the pouches that help them store up baby food in refrigerator easily. However, few complained that the tube melts in a dishwasher.


3. Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Machine- Most Durable

The Baby Brezza is a baby food maker with a level in which you can steam and mix fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish in a bowl at a touch of a button. It implies that you can set it up and go away. No dirt to clean up. No issues of steaming food in the oven and then transfer to a blender. It saves mothers a lot of time.

You can defrost by steaming previously frozen foods. It is a safe, BPA and phthalate free machine. It is very easy to clean. The bowl and the blade can be washed using a dishwasher. However, it is not safe to put hot food from a pot into a blender during cooking.

This device has automated most processes. Automation involves mixing the food once steaming is complete. With a simple cooking command, all other operations are automatically performed in the background.

The operation is quite simple compared to different types of baby food machines, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Simply pour your food into a machine and add water, set the steaming time, and use the machine to make your baby food in minutes.


  • It automatically ensures successive steaming and mixing processes
  • It can provide multiple functions
  • Machine washable
  • Streams evenly and easily
  • Quality materials
  • The work process is very simple


  • Mould may grow in the water compartment after using it for sometime

Customer Feedback

Most users are pleased with the fact that it saves time a lot of time. However, some complained of metallic and black flakes in their purees.


4. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System- Best For Large Storage

The device has sufficient storage space in the form of 6 cups. The cups have a date for each day of the week. When you’re done preparing your baby food, you can then put it in your cups for each day. You can keep the food in your fridge for everyday use. The preparation of the baby food lasts only 5 minutes and they are all done.

You may want to crush several food types using this machine. This unit has a powerful blade to do this kind of work at its base. Within minutes, you will be able to easily chop the fruit into small pieces. The blades can still be useful if you mix different shredded foods.

You can easily operate the device. The device comes with a manual that is detailed enough to help you better understand how the device works. After a few laps, you should be familiar with the operations.

It also comes with a recipe book to help you prepare your baby food. This is a great place to start optimizing the process until you find out what your baby likes to eat. It is necessary to know important tips in preparing your baby meal. The book treats recipes up to infancy. 

A handy feature included has the ability to rotate them to display a date. You can use the date as an indication of when the food will expire. They can be stored safely in the freezer.


  • It has a powerful engine
  • It is time-saving
  • Easy to clean up
  • It offers enough storage space for the whole week


  • It does not have strong construction as it is made plastic material.

Customer Feedback

A lot of users gave a positive review of the product. Parents are able to produce a large and small amount of food their baby as they desire in a short period. However, there are complaints about rubber dust from the rubber blend, as it gets into their baby’s smoothie.


5. NUK Mash and Serve Food Preparation Bowl- Most Portable

If you have one of these kitchen machines, the NUK Bowl is still great to have at one hand. You might want to set up and mix up some food on the go. It goes much easier than a clunky machine. It’s also great to take along to restaurants and give your baby some food.

This product is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. It comes with a set of a microwave-safe serving bowl. The handheld food maker makes food preparation faster for babies.

It has a non-slip surface, that prevents the bowl from slipping over the kitchen counter during the mashing process. Hence, you do not have to bother about all of your baby’s food falling to the floor. Both the masher and the bowl have comfortable handles. This device not only thinks about the diet of babies but also about your well-being. Making sure your baby has a proper diet should never get out of hand for you.

It helps in manually mixing fruits and vegetables easily. You do not have to worry about the bowl slipping and all of your baby’s food falling to the ground. This manual food maker is compact, convenient and practical. Irrespective of where you are, you can crush fruit and steamed vegetables for your baby. It can be used both inside and outside the home.


  • It can be used anywhere
  • It is cost effective
  • Microwave-safe
  • It is slip resistant
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • Not automated

Customer Feedback

Most customers are very pleased with this product as it does the job well for them.


Benefits of Using a Baby Food Maker

There are many benefits to taking the time to find the perfect baby food maker. You have the advantage of knowing the content of your baby food. There are other good reasons to prepare your own baby food yourself that you may not have thought of.

1. It saves money
Commercially bought baby food can be quite expensive. Also, bought baby food is full of preservatives and added sugars. Not to mention other unpleasant chemicals. When you prepare baby food at home yourself, you know exactly what to feed with your baby. You are also in charge of the quality controls. You do not know the kind of fruits and vegetables that go into the pureed baby food that you can buy.

You can put additional variety to your baby meal. If you buy already mixed baby food at the store, you will be limited to certain of ingredients. When you prepare your own baby food using food maker, there are no limits to what you like to use. It is highly important that children take a balanced diet.

2. Additional nutritional value

Some baby food maker provides the food with steam that helps in preserving all the valuable nutrients. When it comes to growth and development, the first few years of life are very important. A baby food maker will help you ensure a balanced diet and all necessary vitamins and minerals.

3. Fresh Meal

When you make use of baby food maker, you can use 100% fresh ingredients at your wish. Commercially purchased baby food is cooked during processing in extreme heat to kill bacteria and then be on shelves for months in the store before being consumed.

4. Your baby can eat the same food as the family when you have a food maker.

However, there are few disadvantages to making your own baby food.

  1. It takes time.
  2. It can sometimes be difficult for a busy parent to prepare a small portion of food every day.
  3. It is not very practical for traveling. Pre-packed baby food can be taken anywhere and does not even need to be preserve or refrigerated.
  4. Also, homemade foods get spoiled on time and you have to be put in the fridge or freezer to preserve.
  5. Your baby might not like homemade food because of taste. Most baby foods bought are loaded with sugar. It is very easy to prepare food that tastes bitter especially when fruits and vegetables are not ripe enough or because you have done something wrong.

If you prefer to feed your baby home-made purees, the comfort of an all-in-one baby food maker should not be underestimated. Time is special when you have a new baby in the house and have the convenience of being able to throw the vegetables into the machine along with some water. You just need to turn it on and have the machine automatically made a ready puree.

However, if you do not find the opportunity to integrate such a machine into your budget, then you can get cheap manual food maker.

All-in-one machines versus manual food mills

If you choose a baby food maker, you’ll need to decide if you’ll get an all-in-one that does it all for you or a manual mill where you’ll have to steam or fry the food yourself.

All-in-one machine is a great option for parents who want their own approach to making their own baby food and want a machine that does it all for them. An all-in-machine has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantage is that the vegetables do not have to be pre-cooked. An all-in-one device does it for you. Just wash and peel them, put them into the machine with some water. It is much more comfortable and saves time. Since you do not have to cook and prepare the vegetables, you will save a lot of time.

Unfortunately, finding space on work surfaces is often difficult, as all-in-one machines are bigger than food mills.
It is more difficult to clean up. Since there are more parts that come in contact with baby’s food. It is also more expensive.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing a Baby Food Maker?

  • Manual or electric

They are available in both manual and electrical versions. Firstly, think about which type you prefer. In general, electric types are faster and more efficient than manual. It is also easy to use. The manual one is usually cheaper but requires manual effort.

  • Maintenance

A dishwasher safe baby food maker can be very handy. Some baby food manufacturers have many different parts that you have to wash. If you can throw them in the dishwasher for cleaning, this can save a lot of time. You would like a product that is easy to wipe off and has no stains. A device that is made of chrome and stainless steel are notorious for that. Just something to consider.

  • BPA-Free

BPA means Bisphenol A which is a chemical compound used in plastic parts of many food containers. Lately, there has been a lot of controversy about BPA, so parents were worried that it might be harmful to their children. However, there is no concrete evidence that BPA is harmful to humans, you should be satisfied with a BPA-free baby food maker.

  • Materials

Safety is highly important and getting 100% unbreakable materials is not a bad ideal. It would be a bad incidence if a part of the baby food maker broke into a puree and ended up eaten.

  • Type

There are several types that with varieties of functions. Some brands only prepares the most basic preparations. It mixes or grinds the food that you then have to cook. however, some do all with cooking.

  • Price

How much money you have to spend? The best baby food makers are not necessarily the most expensive. Also, remember that you will likely use the food maker for about 6 months

  • Features

Another important thing to consider is the feature and functions of the baby food maker. If you like to make large quantities of baby food all at once, you need a baby food producer with a large capacity.

A steamer function is useful for many parents. Steaming vegetables is an amazing way of getting the valuable nutrients that are present in the foods. Steaming is not only a contribution to maintaining the nutrients but also an excellent way to preserve the taste and prepare your baby even tasty food.

Over To You

Having reviewed the best ones, it is time to hear from you. Do you find this review helpful? Have you used any of these products before now? Do you think there is a good baby food maker in the market that should be part of this review? Kindly let us know by leaving a comment.

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