Best CPAP Machine Review 2018 – The Complete Guide

CPAP or Continuous Positive Air Pressure units are medical breathing devices that assist breathing in patients with sleep apnea.

They provide patients with a rapid relief of the symptoms of sleep apnea such as loud and obstructive snoring. It gives the patient a better sleep quality, lowers blood pressure, and improves the symptoms of daytime sleepiness.

ln this article, we will be guiding you in finding the best CPAP machine for you. We will start by listing our top 3, then go ahead to discuss their features, pros, and cons of each machine. 

Best CPAP Machines in 2018

1. The Apex Medical XT AutoCPAP Machine – Most Quiet


3. Apex Medical XT FitCPAP with Heated Humidifier- Best Value For Money


4. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier- Overall Best


Now that we have listed these top 4, let’s go on to specific information about each one.

1. Apex Medical iCH II Auto CPAP Machine

Apex Medical iCH II Auto CPAP Machine’s has a lightweight with a compatible design. Along with its stylish appearance and advanced features, it is very impressive to users.

It has an incredible low noise level of 28 dBA, making it the best product in the market. It has a built-in humidifier and alarm clock that adds to its amazing feature. It has four-button control, which are easy to use and anti-spill water chamber design make this machine easy to use by all

The iCH series from Apex Medical will delight you with its elegant design. The iCH II Auto CPAP machine is equipped with an integrated humidifier that allows for your comfortable, quiet and reliable therapy. The attractive and compact gives it a unique design among other CPAP machines.

Apex Medical iCH II Auto CPAP Machine is an auto titrating CPAP machine which you can adjust the pressure from breath to breath to produce optimal pressure.

It has a heated humidifier with six different settings and water chamber. Mainly because of its light weight, it is easy to transport and adapts perfectly to any environment. It also has a built-in alarm clock and humidifier with water chamber, and an efficient leak detection system.

It is also equipped with a DC input for use in the vehicle. It also comes with a mini-USB input and an SD card for storing data. With the dual download port – USB and SD – the sleep data is collected and displayed in a very simple way that can be interpreted by the user.

Apex Medical iCH II Auto CPAP machine has a smart features which include Pressure Variation algorithm [PVA] that shows stable and accurate pressure performance. It  provides a perfect balance of pressure. The overall functionality of the product is very appealing and distinctive.


  • It has a small size and take up less space.
  • Low weight that makes it extremely portable
  • DC output.
  •  Very low noise level of 28 dBA
  • It is easy to use


  • It is a bit expensive for its buyers. However, it is an ideal machine just that you have to dig deeper to be able to afford it.


2. The Apex Medical XT AutoCPAP Machine (Whisper Quiet)

The Apex Medical XT AutoCPAP Machine (Whisper Quiet) comes with the CPAP hose in which you will not need to separately buy a CPAP mask separately.

Most CPAP machines don’t come with CPAP mask, mainly because the correct mask can only be determined by the patient. Choosing the correct mask depends mainly on the breathing method of the patient.

For mouth breathing patient, full face mask must be used. For patient that regularly breaths with his nose during sleep, nasal or nasal pillow mask may be used.

However, physician usually prefers patients to use a full face mask and then have one in case he gets stuffy nose, maybe due to cold or allergy sometimes. When patient uses a nasal mask but opens the mouth, there will be no therapy because positive air will go in the nose and comes out of the mouth. It will not build up positive pressure first to open up the airway.

The first step necessary is to ensure a new patient gets the therapy working. You just need a working and right mask. The biggest issue is getting the wrong size buying over the internet.

For new patients, we normally recommend to purchase a mask system for the first mask. That means all sizes are included. It is advisable you get a kit to eliminate the chance of picking the wrong. Getting a kit with different cushion sizes will allow you to try all the sizes and get the best out of the size with no financially risk attached.

The XT Auto CPAP Machine is a fully featured machine in a small and portable package thus, it is designed to fit into a lifestyle that includes travel. The small size makes the Apex XT auto easy to stow in your luggage. A padded travel bag with space for machine, hose and mask is included with the XT Auto.

It regulates breath by breath to deliver the optimal pressure for therapy. It has no bulky power pack as the power supply is built into the machine. It works with voltages from 110 to 240 without fuses to change. For trips abroad simply plug in the appropriate adapter plug.

The XT Auto feature provides you an advanced algorithm which automatically adjust to your needs. 

  It also has Pressure Variation Algorithm (PVA) which is a comforting feature that reduces air pressure during exhalation to produce a more natural breathing pattern. You can choose a setting from zero to three, with three being the largest pressure drop and one the smallest pressure drop. Select the zero setting to turn off the PVA function.

It also comes with leak compensation such that whenever the mask leaks occur, XT Auto adjusts the pressure automatically to compensate for the leak and increase the effectiveness of the therapy you are being administered.

The XT Auto has automatic height adjustment that enables the device to adapts automatically to changes in altitude and regulates the delivered pressure. At a pressure between 4 and 18 cmH2o, the machine can adjust up to 8,000 vertical meters. Pressure of 18.5 to 20 cmH2o adjustable to 5,000 feet.

Apex Medical XT AutoCPAP Machine has a clock with alarm functions. The LCD display makes it very clear and easy for you to read . Its alarm function can be set to sound at a certain time. If you like, the alarm can also be set to sound when warnings are displayed on the LCD screen.

Apex Medical XT AutoCPAP Machine has low noise on operation. The XT Auto is operated with 28 dB sound.

Data collection and storage: An SD data card is included with the XT Auto device. The machine has a compliance meter that records the number of therapy sessions. The SD card should be stored outside of the device and inserted only at the time of downloading data.

The screen data includes:

• AI – apnea index

• HI – Hypopnea Index

• SI – snore index

OPTIONAL Heated humidifier

To get comfortable and convenient therapy experience, XT Heated Humidifier can be used with the XT AutoCPAP.

The addition of heated moistening may reduce irritation from otherwise cold, dry air. The humidifier was specially developed for the XT devices. The XT Heated Humidifier can be added when ordering the machine. 

Product dimensions: 5 x 5.8 x 3.9 inches


  • It is quiet and very portable
  • It has automatic height adjustment


  • Poor warranty support


3. Apex Medical XT FitCPAP With Heated Humidifier (Whisper Quiet)

This model is the Apex Medical XT FitCPAP with Heated Humidifier (Whisper Quiet), which is a straight CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Air Pressure). It delivers you a constant single pressure based on what you set on it. The recommended pressure setting is the maximum pressure needed to keep your airway open during the sleep study during the night. The CPAP setting is completely based on the sleep study, which is a snapshot of your body condition.

It may be good to know the difference between the CPAP and APAP models. If your CPAP setting works for you, you do not need an APAP. However, APAP has its advantages as it is a newer technology.

XT Auto is an APAP (Automatic Positive Air Pressure) or Auto CPAP. It titrates automatically to find the right therapy pressure setting. It’s like taking a sleep study every night. As we age, increase / decrease or just have a few drinks, the required therapy pressure changes. APAP will always find the right pressure to fully open the airway. In addition, APAP will only be as high as necessary, which makes exhaling easier than CPAP.

APAP can run both APAP and CPAP modes. Of course, most APAP users only enable APAP mode. You do not need to set the pressure in APAP mode. They just turn it on and go to sleep. The machine will find the right therapy pressure to automatically open the airway.


  • Additional pressure sensors with a unique algorithm.
  • Delivers a constant single pressure


  • Poor warranty support

Cleaning instructions:

You do not have to buy a cleaning device. For the machine, you must replace the air filter every 6 months. For the CPAP tube, CPAP mask and humidifier water chamber, wash with soap and cold water only 2-3 times a week. That will keep it clean. You do not have to buy a cleaner.



4. DeVilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP Machine With Heated Humidifier

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP is a fully automatic CPAP machine with heated humidifier. Patients in need of higher air pressure therapy will enjoy the ultimate in comfort and compliance using the DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto Device.

Auto Bilevel technology automatically adapts to your demands for oxygen pressure during inhalation and exhalation.

 DeVilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier has smart code therapy monitor for remote monitoring of adherence data. The heated humidification system is an optional feature as it will help user to enjoy air therapy at the optimum temperature and humidity.

It has a flow rounding technology, pressure support from 0 to 12cmH2O. The device also has event detection ability with automatic pressure adjustment.

It also has snore detection and automatic height adjustment (up to 8,500 feet). DeVilbiss is one of the quietest AutoBilevel machines in the market (only 26dBA). This device comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The device has a very user-friendly design and layout, and patients can integrate the device into any environment without being obtrusive. Patients can also take different types of tubes from 6 to 10 feet.

Other properties:

• Reminders / alarms for the replacement of spare parts

• Large LCD backlit display + intuitive menu

• Big buttons, easy control

• Auto On / Off – The device detects the first breath in the mask and automatically starts at the prescribed pressures

• Delay pressure – helps patients fall asleep at a much gentler pressure. When the time is up, the machine returns to the prescribed pressure levels to ensure adherence to the therapy


  • DeVilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP Machine has light weight and can be easily carry around while travelling.
  • It has snore detection
  • Automatic height adjustment (up to 8,500 feet).


  • Users complaints about having to attach the air hose to the “back” of the machine


What About Accessories?

Now you know about some of the best CPAP machines and you are on your way to more restful sleep! While the most important piece of CPAP is the most important piece of the puzzle, it’s not the only thing a new CPAP user needs.

At least you also need a CPAP mask and tubes. While hoses are very similar, there are huge differences in the types of masks – and it is important that you get the right mask for you.

In addition, there are a variety of optional accessories that you could consider. You may want to use a CPAP pillow to improve comfort (especially useful for side sleepers), or you may want a CPAP cleanser to help cleanse your CPAP.

Are There Any Side Effects That I Will Experience From A CPAP Machine?

Most users will eventually experience the CPAP machine side effect. The commonest CPAP side effects are mask or pressure related.Some have claustrophobia on the CPAP mask. Some patients develop some nasal congestion while some may have rhinitis / runny nose. While CPAP side effects are annoying, serious side effects are very rare.

In addition, studies have shown that CPAP side effects are rarely the reason why patients stop CPAP treatment. Simple things can really help to minimize side effects of CPAP. Here are a few tips.

  1.  Make sure the mask you have is suitable. A mask that is too big or too small will be uncomfortable.
  2.  Nasal symptoms often respond to warming of the CPAP air. However, some CPAP machines have heated humidifiers, but many users do not use them.
  3.  Do not overtighten the mask. This common mistake causes mask discomfort and damage to the skin. If there are any unpleasant air leaks, think about switching to another mask.

How Do CPAP Devices Work?

CPAP machines are very simple and easy to use and consist of three main parts:

  1. CPAP motor – The CPAP motor is a small compressor. It sucks indoor air and gently pressurizes it to deliver the perfect air pressure you need to eliminate your obstacle. The air inlet area of he machine has a replaceable filter that shields particles and contaminants. Most newer CPAP machines also have a small water tank that heats the water when it is turned on to add moisture to the breath. These integrated humidifiers are ideal for people who live in dry climates and often wake up with dry mouth, throat or nose. CPAP engines are very quiet and barely sounds above a whisper.
  2. CPAP Hoses – The hose or tube is simply the transfer device that transports the compressed air from the motor to the wearer’s mask. While most hoses are 6 feet long, the diameter of the hoses may vary depending on the machine used. Most hoses are now heated to reduce the accumulation of water condensate caused by the humidifiers.
  3. CPAP Mask – CPAP masks come in all shapes and sizes, because not every person feels the same mask as others. While sizes and shapes may vary to suit different shaped surfaces, there are typically three types of mask types to choose from: nose pads/pillows, nose masks, and full face masks. Getting the right mask for your personal comfort is the most important part of CPAP compliance.

Setting Up With A CPAP Device

The first step in CPAP therapy is a sleep study (polysomnogram) in a sleep clinic. The results of a sleep study will tell the physician, your sleep specialist about the severity of your illness and the best treatment .

If it is determined that a CPAP machine is the best option, you will likely need to perform a follow-up sleep titration study.  Where you will need to sleep overnight in a sleep clinic while wearing various CPAP masks and some air pressure calibrated special machines to remove airway obstruction

You can also qualify for a Home Sleep Test (HST) to determine the severity of your sleep apnea condition. In patients who are suspected of having obstructive sleep apnea during a pre-examination, sleep studies will be performed only to be assessed on their severity. HSTs are cheaper than polysomnograms but do not have that many capabilities.

Once you have received a CPAP machine that you can take home, the most important thing you can do for your health is the regular use of it. To alleviate your obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, the device must be used at night. As soon as you stop treatment, your symptoms often return immediately. This is because the use of CPAP is a therapy, not a cure. Therefore, compliance is important for you to get the treatment you need.

Result of CPAP Machine Usage

Patient that uses CPAP devices usually get quick results such as;

  • Prevention or reversal of serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and strokes
  • Elimination of snoring and airway obstruction.
  • Improving the quality of nocturnal sleep.
  • Low blood pressure both during the day and night.
  • Increased day time alertness
  • Decrease in daytime sleepiness.

Over To You

Now that we have reviewed the best 4 CPAP Machine, we will like to hear your view about these devices. Kindly share your view by leaving a comment, we will be very excited to update this review as much as we can.  Thanks for taking time to read this review.

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