Best Mattress For Kids Review For 2019

Most parents want the best for their children and getting the best mattress for them will enhance their sleep and development.

Also, as a parent, you’ll likely sleep well when you are sure your kids are enjoying their rest.

In this review, we will be helping you choose the best mattress for your kids. We will first list the top 5, then we will describe each product in detail, with their pros and cons.

Let’s get started.

Best Mattresses For Kids in 2019

1. Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress- Best Twin Mattress For Kids (Our Pick)


2. Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress- Most Comfortable


3. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress- Best Value For Money


4. LUCID 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress-  Most Durable


5. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Mattress- Best Air Mattress


Now that we have listed the best 5 mattresses for kids, let’s go into full details of each mattress.

1. Tuft & Needle Twin Mattress- Best Twin Mattress For Kids (Our Pick)

The Tuft & Needle mattress is a simple construction of two adaptive foam layers that create a general feeling that can respond to a variety of sleeping preferences.

The cover consists of a stretchable polyester or Tactel blend. The design is thin so that air can flow through the mattress and help in temperature regulation. Tactel can be used as a cotton substitute and can be found in many garments. Tactel material dries much faster than cotton. As a result, the temperature regulation of the mattress is further supported.

The comfort layer on this mattress consists of 3 inches of Tuft & Needle’s foam. This layer of mattress gives you pressure relief and creates a general soothing sensation when kids lie on it. The foam in this layer responds quickly to pressure, making the mattress bounce well and you will not get stuck while lying down.

Just below the comfort layer is the base, it has 7 inches of poly-foam with a density of 1.8 lbs. This is the basic support of the mattress, which gives the structure durability and shape. This mattress has no transitional layer its comfort layer and the base layer. This is a great feature because you may find the strength of this mattress different due to the rapid change between soft and firm layers. This depends on your sleeping pattern or size,

The ability of a mattress to isolate movement is an important feature of this mattress. If you have to share your bed and use the entire surface of the mattress, you should look at the edge support. Foam mattresses sometimes have difficulty meeting the edge support of traditional spring mattresses

If you are lying on your back near the mattress edge, you will enjoy even support originating from the center to the side as you fall on the mattress. Using this mattress, you will be able to move and change positions without feeling like you’re rolling out of bed.


  • No frills
  • Bounce back feel
  • Highly supportive
  • Good Mattress for a budget


  • Might not last for long

Customer Feedback

Most users love the mattress as they are able to sleep in a different position comfortably. However, few complained of back pain after using it for a few months.


2. Zinus 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress- Most Comfortable

This memory foam mattress gives you a generous cushioning of 12 inches. Perfect ideal for kids who loves to sleep on a firm but comfortable surface. It also does not generate heat and hot sleepers will enjoy the mattress

Parents are usually concerned about the levels of toxic chemicals in their children’s mattresses. The foam used in this mattress in term of durability, content, and performance complies with the CertiPUR US certification. In addition, it creates a pressure relieving comfort that gives a better sleep by adapting to your natural body shape

The high-density airflow foam layers provide long-lasting comfort, stability, and durability. In order to naturally prevent odor and restrain bacteria, it has green tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil infused in it. In this sense, there is little to no gasification, whereas the rebound feeling is really great.


  • The multilayer foam technology helps you to sleep comfortably
  • Ideal for all types of sleepers
  • Little or no smell
  • Infused with green tea extract and Castor Natural Seed Oil to delay odor and bacteria
  • The bounce is great
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • It has little motion transfer

Customer Feedback

Most users loved this mattress as it is very comfortable even after a long time of use


3. Best Price 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress- Best Value For Money

This mattress is actually the best value you can get for your money. It comes in three layers, airflow layer, comfort layer, and support base, unlike most 8-inch memory foam mattresses that have only a cushion pad and a support base.

This Memory foam has green tea, Charcoal and Natural Castor Oil that helps in minimizing chemical odor and growth of bacteria in a natural way. The additional ventilated cooling foam gives the mattress better breathability and air circulation. This mattress has also been certified with CeriPUR-US, which means it implies no harmful chemicals and is safe for your kids. It has a long-term warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

The body impression is a great feature of this mattress. It helps in finding the right amount of support to eliminate pain. You feel very comfortable in the impression. It takes some time to restore the original shape and create a new shape.

There is no overheating problem with this mattress. To reduce heat storage, it comes with a ventilated 2-inch layer. This helps to lower the temperature at the surface. After getting your mattress, leave it for a few days after unwrapping. Usually, the smell leaves and is not perceived.


  • It is soft enough to relieve pressure points
  • It is extremely supportive
  • No harmful chemicals
  • it is breathable
  • Quite cheap


  • It tends to cause inconvenience for people who change position while sleeping
  • The fiberglass can contaminate your room

Customer Feedback

Most users loved it as it gives them enough support and it’s not too hard. However, few complaints about the odor of the mattresses. Some said it was too strong to stand while others did not recognize it. Also, they complained about the fiberglass as it contaminates their rooms.


4. LUCID 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress- Most Durable

This 5-inch mattress is a firm and comfortable mattress that is very cheap. It has a gel layer that makes it a cool mattress. It is 5 cm thick. It has the features you need for a good nights sleep. This mattress is available in sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen size, King and California King. The foam used on this memory foam mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US and ensures high quality and safety of the materials used.

It only consists of two layers: 1-inch gel memory foam and a 4-inch backing foam layer. It has a polyester coating that keeps it clean all time. Vented memory foam is used to ensure maximal breathability.

Although it is a thin mattress, the owners of the Lucid 5-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress prove it holds up well. It does not sag and remains solid over the years. You also get the 25-year warranty that Lucid gives you to guarantee you a long service life. In addition, you can tell by the mattress itself that the workmanship is superb – something you do not expect sees in cheap mattresses.


  • Not too expensive
  • Fixed mattress, does not sag
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Gel memory foam makes this mattress cool


  • Could be too tight
  • A bit too thin for the taste of some sleepers

Customer Feedback
Most parents that got it for their kids gave positive feedback as it is very comfortable for them


5. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Mattress- Best Air Mattress


The inflatable Hiccapop portable mattress comes with 2 parts. The inner mattress and the outer edge are equipped with an integrated bed rail to prevent the little ones from rolling off. Inflating takes only 30 seconds and the quick release valve makes it easier to deflate the air.

It has the same size as a standard mattress for toddlers thus standard sheets can be used. The Hiccapop comes in a travel bag and is one of the lightest options out there. It is one of the most popular inflatable kids’bed for its lightness and portability.

This mattress is one of the things your kids will love. It is easy to use and has a lightweight. You can take it anywhere. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of modern families who are often on their heels. It has an electric turbo pump and an XL travel bag.

The inflatable bed has been inlaid with vinyl that is 40 times thicker than other kids traveling beds available on the market. It punctures proof due to its thickness, so there is one less thing to be afraid of. There are reinforced welds and an air valve to make it resistant to air leakage. The mattress is decorated with velvet, which gives a feeling of tight, warm embrace.

It is longer and wider than most toddler mattress. The elaborate safety measures include the bed slide bumpers, which make the bed safe for the child. The bed meets all safety standards and is inflated within 30 minutes.


  • Fits in almost all sheets and blankets
  • Easy to store
  • Deflation and folding up in just a few minutes
  • The inflation requires little to no effort
  • It has lightweight
  • It has a robust air valve


  • It bears the smell of the plastic at first
  • Do not stay inflated for a long period

Customer Feedback

Most parents love the product as it takes them less than one minute to assemble. It is also sturdy, comfy, and big enough.


What To Consider When Buying the Best Kids Mattress

Only if you choose a mattress that meets your kid’s criteria, then, they can sleep optimally as children. You will like a mattress that you can trust as your child grows both physically and mentally. Below are the important things to consider:


This is a highly important consideration. Boys tend to experience growth spurts at the age of ten to fifteen, while girls between the ages of eight and thirteen experience great growth change. You should go for a longer mattress if your child is approaching such age.

You may like to consider using a suitable mattress to reduce costs. However, you should be prepared to make the necessary improvements as your child grows out of the cheap fit mattress.


After considering your child’s age, the next important factor is size. Your child grows and reaches a period when it becomes too big for the mattress. Therefore, you should settle for a spacious option.

You have three amazing options for your child’s mattress: Twin, Twin XL, and Full. These three sizes can comfortably accommodate your child in their growing years and save a lot of money in the long run.

The twin size is the common choice for kids and usually the most cost effective. It is a good choice for smaller children, especially middle school students. It is an ideal choice for narrow spaces and bunk beds.

The Twin XL is not too popular but a good choice for fast growing kids. It is usually 5 cm longer than the double bed. This is especially an excellent choice for older and taller children. It also saves space. Compared to the Twin size mattress, the Twin XL is a better choice for investment.

If your child has enough room, consider using a full mattress. It measures the same length as a twin but is 15 inches wider than a Twin or a Twin XL. This option provides enough space for your child to grow, but may not be ideal for very tall children.

It is an important buying point when shopping for the best mattress for kids. Usually, the support indicates how well a particular mattress can maintain a flat, flat surface to allow proper alignment of the spine and bone health of your kid.

A growing child needs optimal support in the area of his or her spine. We strongly recommend that you be satisfied with a mattress that provides undisputed support. However, a too soft or too tight mattress can be unbearable for most children. In this case, the best mattress provides comfort zones that match your kid’s body shape and promote a therapeutic sleep.

Traditional mattresses provide a flat sleeping surface and support your child’s body at the shoulders, hips, and heels. As a result, your child’s lower back and legs are not supported and blood circulation is impeded. Therefore, you must choose a mattress that keeps your child’s body in a neutral position and redistributes pressure as he or she sleeps.

Sleeping positions

Children who sleep mostly on their backs are less restricted in choosing mattress strength. Luxury strength can be ideal for your growing spine. Relatively soft mattresses can be most comfortable for side sleepers

A tight or firm mattress may not be the best option for side sleepers as it does not provide the ideal surface for proper siking, contouring and alignment. On the other hand, a medium-hard to firm mattress can be ideal for abdominal sleepers.


As a parent, you need to consider an organic mattress for your child. Healthy sleep is crucial to the well-being of your child. Children sleep a lot, so they spend most of their time in direct contact with mattress material.

The body tries to get rid of toxins and regenerate the body’s cells. Therefore, the introduction of additional toxins during sleep can interfere with these processes.

The best mattress materials should not release harmful and toxic chemicals such as flame retardants, polyurethane, phthalates, VOCs, or other vapors. You can ensure that the mattress you buy for your child is organically grown by purchasing certified CertiPUR models.


The market is filled with different strength options, from very soft to very firm ones. Each child has a different strength preference. However, the most popular strength option is medium.
As a parent, you should know that children weighing less than one hundred pounds prefer soft to medium strength, while heavier children usually prefer medium to firm strength mattress.

In general, kids need the strength that promotes proper posture. A too soft bed can lead to a wrong alignment of the spine and cause back and postural problems. Therefore, the ideal choice should be firm or medium strength.

The bed must be firm and supportive with sufficient padding for comfort. You should also know that the correct posture is not primarily determined by firmness. You also need to choose a bed that evenly distributes your child’s weight.

As your child grows, it may start liking a softer mattress. In our opinion, we recommend that you start with a firm and supportive mattress. You can get a soft topper for the bed as your child gets older. You can soften a firm bed slightly, but not the other way round.


Are you worried that your child is jumping on his or her bed? Are you worried that he or she will hurt himself? If you are, you will need to choose a latex and/or soft to medium strength mattress. The bed should not consist of spring components.

Sleeping hot

Sleeping hot is a great concern when dealing with Polyfoam and Memory Foam mattresses. Temperature neutrality is really important, especially for children who sleep hot. Get a mattress with superior cooling properties.
The best mattress for children who sleep cool is equipped with unique cooling technologies for good airflow and breathabilities like gel-infused foam or an open cell structure.


This is the harmful odors released from mattresses made of synthetic materials, like PVS and vinyl. However, the degassing is easily detected during decapping. There are situations where exhaust fumes go unnoticed, especially if they are in small amounts.

Some degas can be safe after the mattress has been left in the open air for a day or two. Exposure to some fumes, however, has been linked to skin irritation, asthma attacks, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, allergic reactions, coughing, and fatigue.

There is no reason to endanger your child’s health. Instead, consider purchasing a mattress made from materials certified to CertiPUR-US or made entirely from green materials. Hence, your mattress materials should be organic and safe. Your kid’s toxin elimination systems and fragile organs are susceptible to the toxins and harmful substance released from such mattress material.

Over To You

Now that we have reviewed the best kid mattress, we will like hear from you. Do you find this review helpful? Have you used any of this mattresses for your kid before now? Do you think there is a product that should be part of this review? Kindly let us know by leaving a comment.

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