Best Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding- Reviews For 2019

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A  mouth guard is often a recommended solution for teeth grinding.

With several types on the market, some might wear out easily, feel uncomfortable or taste awful. In fact, choosing the best one may not be the easiest of tasks.

In this review, we list the top 5 mouth guards, highlighting their specific qualities. We will, thereafter, proceed to give a detailed description of each of our choices, explaining the reasons why they made our list.

Best Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding in 2019

1. Pro Teeth Guard – Best Fit

Pro Teeth Guard


2. Pro Dental Night Guard – Most Comfortable

Pro Dental night Guard


3. The Doctor’s Night Guard – Best For A Low Budget

The Doctor's Night Guard


4. DentalCare Night Guard – Best Moldable

DentalCare Night Guard


5. Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard – Our Top Pick

Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard


Having outlined the 5 best night guard for teeth grinding, we shall proceed to give a detailed review of each, giving their pros, cons and user feedback.

1. Pro Teeth Guard – Best Fit

Pro Teeth Guard

This mouth guard is designed to serve as a customized product for your mouth. It is made in such a way to perfectly fit your mouth without any excesses.

A unique feature of the Pro Teeth Guard is that the company, based in San Diego, California, allows you to supply them with all the necessary information to mold a perfect guard exactly for you. This means a perfect fit is guaranteed for you with convenience.

It is manufactured with quality materials, laminate and acrylic materials, making it a highly durable product.

Unlike some other designs, the Pro Teeth Guard does not move around when you are asleep. It is also not bulky and very comfortable to wear. It also prevents you from clenching your teeth, thereby preventing jaw pain or headaches.

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back as the company offers a 100% money back guarantee with free shipping.

To purchase this Night Guard, you simply place an order for a home impression kit which you use to create the mold yourself employing the included putty material in the kit.


  • It’s a perfect fit for your teeth
  • It is made of high-end quality materials
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee offer.


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Some people complained of discomfort while wearing it

Customer feedback

Customers expressed satisfaction and happiness with the product adding that it fits perfectly. They applauded the product as durable and showed no sign of wear or tear after as much as one year of use every night.  They also noted that the customer service is very great. Some users, however, complained of a chemical taste


2. Pro Dental Night Guard – Most Comfortable

Pro Dental night Guard

The ProDental Night Guard is packaged as 3 in 1 customizable device to help teeth grinding.  You are provided with 3 mouthpieces of the same size which you can mount on the lower or upper teeth.

All the guards are comfortable and manufactured with soft materials that do not irritate the mouth.

Using the boil and bite process, you can mold the guards to better fit your teeth. It is BPA and latex-free and has no unpleasant taste and odor.

When you purchase this product, you are provided with free dental lab support and direct dentist support by the company, through email and phone. The impressive customer service offered by the company sets ProDental Mouth Guards apart from their competitors.

The mouth guards also have a long-lasting texture which helps absorb shock better. With the money-back guarantee offered by the company, we see it as a risk-free purchase.

Although the ProDental night guard is best suited for average to large mouths, the company also offers small ones. Because of its comfortable fit, you will get a beautiful sleep with this guard on at night.


  • It is a comfortable customizable fit
  • It is an affordable pack of 3
  • It is BPA-free
  • The company provides excellent customer support.
  • It is easy to trim and mold


  • It won’t fit small mouths.
  • It does not include a storage case.
  • The prep stage can be somewhat tiresome.

Customer feedback

Many users found this product comfortable. They also suggested the product is of good quality. Some users, however, complained of bulkiness.


3. The Doctor’s Night Guard – Best For A Low Budget

The Doctor's Night Guard

The Doctor’s Night Guard is a well-designed protector to naturally help you manage teeth grinding.

It is designed by a team of dentists with its soft interior comfortably aligning your teeth and a firm outer layer protecting against teeth grinding and bite-through.

The double-layer patented design of this device prevents it from wearing down easily.

So, instead of spending money every month on some night guards that are not wear-resistant, this product boasts of at least 6 months of regular use. It, therefore, withstands lots of stress and does not lose its shape easily.

The included storage helps prevent contamination of your guard. This guard is effective, durable and approved by dentists.

To get a custom fitting for your mouth, you can easily remold the soft layer, by putting the protector into boiling water.


  • It is made of a patented two-layer design
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with a free storage case
  • It is a comfortable fit
  • It allows you to sleep comfortably with your mouth closed
  • It is available in several different sizes


  • It is slightly bulky
  • It takes a long time for prep

Customer feedback

Users described it as an amazing guard and relatively affordable. It did not their teeth hurt and they could barely feel it at night. Some users with the relatively high gag reflexes, however, suggested that it is difficult to use.


4. DentalCare Night Guard – Best Moldable


DentalCare Night Guard

The DentalCare Night Guard comes as a pack of four with two different sizes for proper protection against teeth grinding. It is also Latex and BPA-free and also coming to the table with an FDA approval.

Because it is a highly moldable protector, it can fit your teeth sizes as well as your mouth easily. It implies that you will be able to use it irrespective of your teeth alignment or shape of your mouth.

Additionally, you can use the DentalCare Night Guard as a tooth whitening tool. With a 100% money-back refund guarantee, you can get your money back if you do not like the product.

It is a good day-to-day remedy for teeth grinding, thanks to its excellent customizable and moldable design. This protector is also affordable when compared with other products in its competitive category. Included in the package for you is also a free antimicrobial case to help you store the guard.

It is also easy to mount with optimal retention in the mouth and remove without any irritation


  • It is easily moldable with a customizable design
  • It BPA-free is
  • It comes with a free antimicrobial case
  • Affordable
  • It also has optimal retention in the mouth
  • It can be used as a convenient teeth whitening tray.


  • It can be challenging to fit at first

Customer feedback

Users said they are extremely pleased with this guard, it is very easy to mold to create a great fit themselves. They admitted that it is very comfortable and protect their teeth. Some users, however, complained the guards are way too thick at night.


5. Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard – Our Top Pick


The Dental Duty is a night guard which comes as a pack of four dental guards with the aim to serve as a solution to teeth grinding.

All the four dental guards included in the package can be remolded, making it easy for you to get a better fit for both the upper and the lower teeth

The quality and flexibility of this product are also enhanced beyond comprehension, with trimming to fit your mouth size.

Dental Duty is also FDA approved and is BPA-free. To shape this guard requires the boil and bite technique and this should take you only a few minutes to accomplish. It also comes with an anti-bacterial case which allows you to keep your guard.

You can also use the original tray of this guard as a whitening tool. To use as a whitening tool, simply purchase whitening bleach and put it on the tray.


  • It comes in two professional sizes with great designs
  • It is BPA  free
  • It is FDA approved
  • It can be used as tooth whitening tool
  • It offers a free antimicrobial case
  • There is 30-day money back


  • Fitting it may be a little challenging
  • It can take some time to get used to it

Customer feedback

Users described the product as excellent, comfortable and easy to use, courtesy of the DVD tutorial included in your purchase. They also found the antimicrobial case useful as it prevents periodontal diseases. Users also said it fits different mouth shapes.


Why Should You Get A Mouth Guard?

It can prevent you from injuring your teeth and mouth in its entirety. In addition, teeth grinding not only affects the teeth, so a night guard will prevent other side effects of teeth grinding such as exposure of soft dentures, headaches, facial muscle pain, spasms, insomnia, jaw aches, and neck pain. When you get a comfortable fit guard, it will guard against all the pains listed above.

Before we delve into checklists of getting the best product for you, we first look at what teeth grinding is.

What Is Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism is the medical term used to refer to teeth grinding and clenching. It is estimated that no fewer than 10% of adults and about 15% of children in the U.S are unconsciously grinding their teeth during sleep time at night and during the daytime.  This condition causes people to grind their teeth and jaw, often at night. It can, however, happen during the day.

Although it is not regarded as a life-threatening condition, teeth grinding can cause chipped teeth, jaw pain and chronic headaches. Bruxism is, therefore, a condition to be tackled as soon as you recognize it to prevent its long-term complications.

The Difficulty With Sleep Bruxism

One difficulty with sleep bruxism is that it can be difficult to treat as you may be unaware that you have teeth grinding.  Some people have only detected theirs in their quest for treatment of side effects of the condition, such as chronic headaches, jaw pain chirped teeth and facial pain. At other times, your partner may have noticed the grinding sound while in bed. Factors that exacerbate teeth grinding include anxiety, stress, alcohol, caffeine and certain drugs.

How To Choose The Right One For You

How do you know which is best for you? Knowing the best guard for you might be challenging, but that’s why we are here for you. We elaborate on six things to check before you buy that night guard.

1. What are your symptoms?

In choosing the perfect night guard, you need to first review your symptoms. This is the first step in choosing the right guard for you. And the basic question to ask is “why do you need a guard?” Are your symptoms associated with stressors?

Do symptoms occur at night alone or it includes daytime? Do you suffer from headaches, facial and jaw pain? If you answer yes to these questions, then experimenting with a cheap one is a no go area. An improperly fitted device with continuous use can worsen these symptoms. A semi-custom-fitted guard will be your best option in this case.

2. The durability of the guard

This is another important check. A night guard needs to be able to withstand a considerable amount of stress for effectiveness. The amount of pressure applied on the guard at night as you grind your teeth is no small one and a guard must be able to cope with such stress if it will be reliable. It should be able to withstand your teeth grinding.

3. How comfortable is it?

The purpose of the night guard you are purchasing is to solve the problem of discomfort teeth grinding is giving you. So, a guard should not add to the problem. A comfortable one needs to fit without any hassles and should not cause you any issue or discomfort in the near future.

4. How fitting Is It?

Fitting is a very important consideration when you are getting a mouth guard. Though maybe a little expensive, it is better to get a protector to it your teeth perfectly and individually. The result of such kind of guard is often better when compared to others.

5. Which materials are used?

An ideal night guard should be made with materials free of latex and BPA. This is good for your overall health because the guard will spend between 6-8 hours in your mouth and you do not want to grind on some harmful plastic for that extended period of time.

In addition, the material should be rigid, yet flexible for remolding.  It is also of additional benefit if the product is FDA approved. While this is not a strict requirement for night guards, it does show standard and some level of trust.

6. How about maintenance?

Maintenance of your product is the last but not the least consideration in purchasing one. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a guard that is difficult to clean when you bring it out of your mouth. The product should be easy to wash and maintain. Some even come with a free antimicrobial case to keep and transport your guard.

Different Types of Available For You

There are different types in the market. Having a good knowledge of each type will further guide your decision on which one to purchase. We list below, four of the popular types available as over the counter purchase.

1. Custom fit boil and bite

These are also known as moldable protectors, made of thermoplastic materials. These guards are needs to be warm up before they fit perfectly into your teeth. Once you warm the guard up, you put on your teeth and bite hard into it to gate the shape that fit your teeth snugly. Thereafter, you immerse in cold water for some seconds to get the shape to set.

2. Semi-Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

They are also known as Dental custom. This type of night guards are made specifically to fit your mouth and teeth, hence they are comfortable to use. They are comfortable to use since they have been made to exactly fit your teeth and mouth. It is often a lot more expensive and takes some time to get your customized guards. They are best in terms of comfort.

3. Stock Mouth Night Guards

Theses are non-customizable which comes as one-size-fits-all. Because they cannot be customized, they tend to be uncomfortable during use. This explains their relatively inexpensive price in the market.

4. Custom Fit – No Impression

This type is usually made from a perforated material. They allow water and air to pass through, allowing for proper protection. The guard allows you to get custom fit protector without making any specific impressions.

What Are the Benefits of a Night Guard?

Mouth guards are useful for those who grind or clench their teeth during sleep or during the day. Summarily, below are the importance of having one.

  • It protects your teeth from damage
  • It prevents teeth grinding
  • It prevents you from sleep apnea
  • It prevents jaw and facial pain and snoring
  • It prevents chronic headaches, spasms, earaches

This promotes a brighter, happier smile while reducing complications of teeth grinding.

Can you wear a mouth guard in addition to braces?

The answer is yes. You can still wear a night guard if you are wearing braces. It has been shown that mouth guard can help reduce the cuts you get along your cheeks and inner lips due to braces. If you wear braces, we advise that you get a product that will give your teeth some space so as not to jeopardize your dental treatment.

Wrapping It Up

It is better not to ignore teeth grinding but take action immediately you recognize it. Because the more you grind your teeth, the more structural and functional damage you cause to your teeth, jaw, face and overall body system.

Wearing a mouth guard to bed is a very good remedy to bruxism but it is better to get the one that is comfortable and fit for you to avoid causing more damage to the integrity of your mouth.

Over to you

Now that we have reviewed the best mouth guards in the market, we will like you to share your experience in the comment box below. How useful has this review been? Is there any device that you feel should make this list but is presently not included? Have used any of the above-reviewed guards before? Please, hit the comment box below and let’s get talking.

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