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All our doctors are qualified and have an active license. You also don't need to go through the hassles of long queues or booking appointments to ask a doctor a simple question.

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Have a medical question? Instead of spending time looking through different search engine results, ask a doctor online in real time and get immediate answers to your question.

"Ask a doctor' service is really good! I am satisfied with the answer from this service. This service is good for someone like me who has anxiety about health issues. It makes me feel much better and I got to gain more knowledge through this service. Thank you."

-Anis, Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be chatting with a real doctor?

Yes, you will be chatting with a real doctor. We take time to crosscheck that every doctor has a current and active license. You can trust that your chat will be with a qualified professional at any time. Also, at every point, we make sure you are chatting with a doctor that best suits your complaint.

Why should I use this service?

We believe that you don't need to rely on google search results or health articles to answer your custom health questions, the answers sometimes don't fit your query. By using our service, you can ask a doctor your very detailed question about any medical condition and get a custom response that is tailored to you. No general answers that fit everyone, a real response from a real person.

Does your service last 24 hours?

Our service is open for 24 hours every day. Because we know that people are in different time zones, we have designed things in such a way that our team of doctors can chat with you from wherever you are at any time. So, if you happen to wake up at 2 am wondering why you can't sleep, you can simply use our service to ask a doctor, and we will get you on a chat in a moment.

Are there time limits?

No. We don't believe in limiting chats, our policy is simple: chat till you are completely satisfied with our response. Our doctors will keep responding to your health question till you are happy, it doesn't matter whether the chat lasts 2 or 20 minutes, we do not limit you at all.

How long should I wait till I get a response?

We currently have a median response time of 1 minute. That isn't a typo- we mean it, just 1 minute till you are chatting away with a doctor. We are aware that many online doctor platforms give you an opportunity to ask a question then tell you to wait for 24 hours before you can get a custom response, well, not so with us. We strongly believe that the reason why many people choose online services is that they want instant replies.

Will my privacy be respected?

Absolutely, we are very much about your privacy. In fact, we even let you chat anonymously, where our doctors don't even know your name (if you choose not to tell us, it's fine).

Can I share images and files?

Sure. Our platform enables you to attach PDF copies of laboratory report or scans, and even photos. So you can quickly use your camera phone to take a picture that better explains your question to the doctor. This is even preferred as it gives more insight into what you are asking about since there is a physical distance between yourself and the doctor we assign to you.

How much does your service cost?

We currently charge you just $19.99 for a complete and unlimited chat. Remember your chat will start almost instantly. There is no hidden fee or extra charge, also, you get your chat link delivered safely to your inbox as soon as you complete your payment. It is a transparent process.

When should I not use this service?

Our 'ask a doctor' program is meant for people who want to understand a condition better or need a question quickly answered. However, you should not use our service if you are looking for a diagnosis (as we believe that to make a proper diagnosis, a doctor needs to physically examine you). Also, you should not use this service if you think you are having an emergency, rather call the emergency lines in your city. 

How can I reach your support team directly?

If you have any question that has not been answered or you want to reach out for any other reason, please feel free to send an email to

We love feedback and will try to answer you as fast as we can.