What is Lazarus Syndrome?

What is Lazarus syndrome?

Since 1982, 38 people have had their hearts start pumping spontaneously after a failed CPR, bringing them back to life. This occurrence is termed "Lazarus Syndrome".

Lazarus Syndrome or auto-resuscitation after failed CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) is the spontaneous return of breathing and blood circulation after a failed attempt at reviving a patient.

Although there is no major identifiable cause for this occurrence, some people think this is because during CPR, the lungs could get filled up with air very fast, without enough time to breathe out. This increased pressure in the lungs could hinder blood flow to the heart and stop it from pumping. When CPR is stopped, the pressure in the lungs go back to normal, and blood circulation returns. This is what causes the "auto-resuscitation". It takes its name from Lazarus, who in the New Testament of the Bible was raised from the dead by Jesus.