Your nose actually gets bigger as you grow older

Your nose actually gets bigger as you get older

Which part of a human body grabs your attention more? The face should be a popular answer.  How about the nose? Have you ever noticed that your nose is actually still growing?

Maybe it’s hard to observe our own noses but it’s easier to see that older people have big noses. If you have a doubt, look at your grandmother’s younger photos and notice the size of her nose! Her nose looks bigger now because our noses get bigger as we grow older.

The reason behind this is that cartilage continues to grow throughout life. Great white sharks’ skeletons are made of cartilage, and they continue to grow throughout their lifetime.

There is also the role of gravity. Cartilage is made of collagen and fibres. When we age, the collagen and fibres start to break down. This causes our noses to droop. The surrounding parts of our face like our cheeks start to loose volume and sag, making the nose appear obviously bigger and the attention centre of our face!

Gravity is also responsible to fall of our eye lids, the growth of our ears, the sag of the human breasts and skin. Even the leg veins sometimes get tired of working against gravity and they become varicose veins.