Why Fractures Heal Faster In Children Than In Adults

Bone heals faster in children

A fracture is a medical condition which means there is a broken or cracked bone.  Most injuries in childhood are fracture injuries because children are very active. Luckily, most of these injuries are not serious because children’s bones are more elastic than those of adults.

When a child has a broken bone, it can heal about twice as fast and more effectively than an adult’s. This is because the periosteum which covers a child's bone is thicker and more active. The bone forming cells are rapidly dividing and forming new bone as they grow.

In the event of a fracture, these cells which were already actively depositing bone, get more help from new bone-forming cells that move into the fracture site. This rapid bone forming activity in children, makes it easy for their bones to quickly detect and fix even minor breaks or cracks, leaving no residual sign of previous damage.