Why Do The Eyes Get Red After Swimming?

Red eyes after swimming


Getting red itchy eyes after a fun day at the community swimming pools? Blaming chlorine for it? Guess what? It's urine not chlorine!

Although chlorine is used to disinfect the water in the pool, it reacts with contaminants that may be in the pool, such as urine, sweat, poop, cosmetics and other dirt. This reaction produces chemical irritants.

When chlorine mixes with the nitrogen compound in urine, sweat and other organic materials in the water, it forms an irritant called "Chloramine". When chloramine makes contact with the eye, it causes redness, and could also cause symptoms like a cough if it gets into the throat. In fact, the stronger the chlorine smell at a pool, the more it is filled with pee. 

It would be nice to take a shower before swimming and wear eye goggles while swimming.