Men produce more sperm in one ejaculate than eggs a woman would ever have

Men produce more sperm per ejaculate than eggs a woman would ever have

A female is born with all the eggs she will ever have. While in the womb, a female fetus has about 6-7 million egg follicles. At birth, the number of follicles decreases to about 2 million and at puberty, the number falls to about 300,000. After puberty, a woman releases one mature egg every month during ovulation.

Adult males, however, produce new sperm cells every day. An average male adult produces about 1,500 sperm cells every second and more than 500 billion in his lifetime.

Under normal circumstances, sperm cells can only live for a few minutes outside a man's body.

For a man to be said to have a normal sperm count, his testicles need to produce more than 20 million sperm cells in one millilitre. The normal volume of semen in one ejaculate is about 1.5-5 millilitres. Hence, a man typically releases more than 40 million sperm cells in just one ejaculate. This means a man produces more than enough sperm cells to fertilise all the egg follicles a woman ever has in just one ejaculate.

Another interesting fact is that sperm cells are the smallest in the body while egg cells are the largest.