Smartphone addiction may cause anxiety, insomnia and eye strain

smartphone addiction

We are in the information age and smartphones are indispensable for us. Unfortunately, this technology comes with a price- a price on our health. People addicted to their smartphones have been found to be more prone to having anxiety, insomnia, eye strain and poor social relationships.

A study showed that depression, anxiety, and sleep quality may be associated with smartphone overuse. Sometimes the anxiety can be about the wait for interaction.

There are even two new terms used to describe phobias linked to mobile phone use; “nomophobia” –the phobia of being out of mobile phone contact and “netlessphobia” –the fear of being without the internet.

According to another study; the use of the internet was related to loneliness, poorer balance between work and leisure and emotional intelligence. 

Smartphones are not only threatening to our psychology, they are also threatening our eyes. Digital eye strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. According to 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report,the most common symptom associated with overexposure to digital devices is eye strain.