How Much Fart Gas Does A Person Produce In A Day?

705mL fart per day

Fart, also known as Flatus, is a part of our daily lives. Even though women are more concerned with etiquette, they fart as often as men do.  In fact, an average person farts 15 times per day, producing about half a litre of gas or 705 mL of gas. Consciously or not, we do pass gas every day. Actually, most farts takes place during sleep. 

The odor and volume of fart depends on the food taken. Odorless farts are from air swallowed with food when eating fast, while eating foods such as beans, broccoli and other fibre rich food give off a smelly gas.

Surprisingly, even after the body dies, the gas continues to escape through both ends of the digestive tract (mouth and anus) for up to three hours. This  is due to muscle contraction and expansion before rigor mortis (body stiffening) sets in.