Music Can Affect How Fast Your Heart Beats


Does music actually touch your heart? Yes, it does! Music can be soothing or, at least, make the workday seem shorter. It is one of the few activities which involve using the whole brain and has the ability to relax the mood and lighten the soul.

"Music induces a continuous, dynamic and to some extent a predictable change in the cardiovascular system", said Luciano Bernardi, a professor of Medicine at the University of Pavia in Italy. Bernardi and his colleagues in a study concluded that music with quicker tempos made people breathe faster which increased their heart rate and blood pressure. Whereas, slow and soft music lowered the heart rate and blood pressure.  

As a result of various studies conducted, music is now being used in rehabilitation medicine for patients with high blood pressure. In cardiovascular units, slow and soft music which relaxes a person is played, and this helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate.