What Causes Forgetfulness During Pregnancy?

pregnancy brain.png

Forgetfulness during pregnancy has been shown to be as a result of some changes that occur in the brain during pregnancy. This is sometimes referred to as "Pregnancy Brain" or "Momnesia".

Some studies show that forgetfulness in pregnancy could be due to any of the following:

- An increase in hormones during pregnancy, which have different effects on the brain. For example, the activity in the part of the brain controlling emotions is increased in order to facilitate emotional bonding between mother and baby. As a result, there is reduced activity in the portion of the brain controlling logic.

- A temporary reduction in brain volume during pregnancy, as shown by studies. This could interfere with cognitive functions of the brain, reduce concentration and also affect short-term memory.

- A deficit in short term memory due to the increased tendency to dwell on "thinking of the new changes" a baby will bring. The brain chooses what is "important" and what needs your attention. This could cause you to be less focused, hence, the tendency to forget things.

These changes are temporary and usually reverse after the baby is born. Strategies such as preparedness, writing things down and taking deep breaths amongst others, could help one cope with the forgetfulness.