Importance of a Good Mattress – All You Need To Know

“What’s the need for a good mattress?” might seem like a simple question to answer, but it’s important to ask. Does a good quality mattress actually change anything? Is it a medical necessity or a luxury item? When mattress salespeople attempt to sell you a high-end mattress, is it a ploy to steal your money or are they genuinely giving you life-changing advice? Hopefully, you’ll get your answer by the end of this article. 

Before we get there, did you know that cavemen used mattresses too? The first ‘mattress’ was invented by cavemen and women and made up of straw, grass, leaves which were covered in animal skin. Over a thousand years later, while common folk continued to sleep on piles of palm bows, the Egyptian pharaohs discovered the luxury of raising bedding off the ground. Fast forward to today, the entire world enjoys mattress-induced rest.

 The good news is that we all have mattresses to sleep on, the bad news is that the mattress you have might prevent you from having a good night’s sleep. A hundred years ago, humans slept for nearly 8-9 hours a night, today, unfortunately, we live in a sleep-deprived world where we average 6-7 hours of sleep per night.

 Over 50 to 70 million people in America suffer from adequate sleep or sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation certainly adds ‘$$$’ into Starbucks’s bank but is it no way good for your brain or body.

Most people around the world say that one or two sleepless nights is nothing to worry about, but the truth is that everyone takes sleep for granted.


The body needs to rebuild and rejuvenate and shut down and rest. A good mattress helps you obtain the rest you need by providing appropriate support for your muscles to relax, and comfort so that you can easily fall and stay asleep. 

There’s a link between low-quality mattresses and pain and discomfort, and chronic pain hinders quality sleep. Sleep deprivation also results in impaired immune function, slower metabolism, and a sour mood.

 Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. Yes, mattresses prevent a good quality sleep, but the right one also contributes to improving sleep.

The long and short of it? A good mattress can improve sleep while a bad one can result in a poor quality of sleep. Considering that you spend more than one-third of your life sleeping, we recommend that you invest your money and time to find the right mattress for you.

 A good quality mattress is about more than comfort, although that’s a bonus, good quality will result in a wealth of health benefits.  

You should never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Here’s how important a good mattress is to your sleep.

1. Proper spinal alignment

A good mattress is supposed to equally support each part of your body, especially the lower back and spine. When your weight is not evenly distributed, you will not get sufficient support, which results in chronic pain and a lot of problems over time.

If your mattress is new and yet you feel you aren’t getting ample support, it’s probably because the mattress is not too soft. To prevent this, pick a mattress which supports your spines natural curve.         

2. Prevents pain

After an exhaustive day of sitting on a chair all day in office, when you lie down in bed, your knotted muscles get a chance to relax. All the stress leaves your mind, and your body rests, rejuvenates, and gathers all the energy that’s lost through the day to support your following day’s endeavors.

Unfortunately, if you wake up feeling aches and are in pain, your mattress isn’t doing its job. If you are all too familiar with joint or back pain, it’s possibly because the culprit is your mattress which isn’t doing any favors to your body.


Maybe your mattress doesn’t conform to your body, it’s worn out, or your back could use a firmer option. It’s the mattresses’ job to hold your spine in a straight line throughout the night. Plus, it should also support your posture and relieve pressure points which help impede pain. 

It’s essential to correct alignment for pain-free sleep.  

3. Tackles snoring

Snoring is caused by an obstruction in your airway when you sleep. Typically, those who sleep on their backs are prone to snoring; however, there’s a chance that your mattress is responsible as well.

Lying down on a saggy mattress doesn’t provide adequate support to your head and neck, which causes you to sink into the mattress. Sinking hinders movement, which makes it difficult to breathe, and snoring begins.

 The key to a snore-free slumber is a mattress which has medium firmness.     

 4. Reduces the level of stress

Lying awake and mulling over the many problems in life isn’t going to help you fall asleep or solve the problem. On the contrary, your bed should be a place where you relax after each day and find tranquility.

For someone who copes with stress or has a stressful life, and if you’re looking for night-long comfort and increased quality of sleep, a good quality mattress will come to your rescue and help relieve some tension.

A sleep-deprived body produces more stress hormones, which cause a spike in blood pressure, which does anything but keeps you calm. To elevate your mood, keep you relaxed, and your blood pressure low you need regular, deep sleep supported by a good mattress. You can browse through the several bed mattress sizes chart and pick the apt mattress to fit your bed. 

Along with the right mattress, get comfortable sheets, silky pillow sheets, and fluffy bedding, along with a cloud-like, cozy topper or pad. Your bed will not only look like a million bucks but feel like one too. You will wait to sleep on it night after night!

4. Reduces allergy symptoms

Allergies don’t affect everyone, but if and when they do develop, it’s no fun dealing with it.

Dust mites love setting up homes and thrive on old mattresses and if you are sleeping on an old mattress, then your bed is the culprit for your allergens which are keeping you sleeping peacefully. They’re unavoidable, but with a new mattress, you’ll get a fresh, clean start. Remember to fit your new mattress with a hypoallergenic protector which helps make sure that you can reap the allergen-free benefits to the fullest, even in the long run. Get ready for less sneezing and more snoozing!

5. Improved memory and enhanced attention

Considering that you spend most of your life in bed, it only makes sense to make it worthwhile! While your asleep, your brain settles down and consolidates everything you’ve learned through the day and vital memories set in. Say you’ve spent the entire day practicing for an exam, a good night’s sleep will ensure that you remember everything the following day. A bumpy, lumpy mattress will impair sleep, which results in difficult to retain your thoughts and learnings.

 Plus, your body can recover and recharge with better sleep. If you don’t sleep for eight hours a day, your behavior will either be inactive, impulsive, or hyperactive, especially in children. For a healthy mind, you need a minimum of eight hours of sleep.

 A well-rested mind can result in improved creativity, help you think on the spot, be more motivated, and focused.     

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Omiete Charles-Davies, MBBS

Dr. Omiete Charles-Davies graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in medicine and surgery. He is a licensed medical doctor and has worked in different private and government-owned hospitals as a general medical practitioner. For fun, he loves to travel and experience new cultures.