Best Lower Chest Workouts You Should Try

When it comes to working out, one of the most important parts that you might want to care about is your lower chest.

In this post, we will get to discuss awesome lower chest workout routines for you to build strong and powerful muscles, you can even do some of these exercises at home. Before we start, let’s talk briefly about the muscles of the chest.

Muscles Of The Chest

The chest starts from the clavicle and ends just above the stomach, under the ribs. It is divided into 3 sections; the upper chest, the middle chest and the lower chest. Most times we pay more attention to the upper chest and neglect the other parts of the chest.

The chest has muscles that cover up the three sections of the chest. The major muscles found in the chest are:

The Pectoralis Major MuscleThis is the largest muscle of the chest and it is popularly known as ‘pecs’. It starts from the clavicle and the cartilages of the first six ribs at the breastbone and ends in the upper part of the arm bone (humerus). It acts in pulling the arm towards the body and turning the arm inwards.


The Pectoralis Minor MuscleThis muscle is found under the pectoralis major muscle. It starts from the third to the fifth ribs and ends at the shoulder blade. It is responsible for the movement of the scapula in a downward position and also plays a role in opening up the rib cage while we breathe.

The Serratus Anterior Muscle – This muscle is found at the side of the chest. It originates from the first to the ninth rib and ends in the scapula. The serratus anterior acts as a supporting muscle as we breathe and also moves the scapula.

6 Best Lower Chest Workouts You Should Try

1. Inclined Push-Up

push up

This exercise is a modification of our regular push up and can be done at home. The inclined push up targets the lower chest region. The effort of this exercise is placed more on the muscles in the region of the lower chest.

  • Place your hands on a high surface which could be a bench, table, a step or the edge of your bed
  • Let the width between your palms be wider than the width between your shoulders
  • Keep your elbows straight, your toes on the ground and your back straight
  • Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground
  • Return to the original position and repeat.

2. Cable Crossover

This can be done in a gym or at your house. This exercise stretches the chest muscles and also targets the lower chest.

  • Place a pulley or resistance band high above your head on both sides
  • Stand with your feet apart and your arms holding the pulley
  • Place one foot in front of you
  • Pull the resistance band by pulling your hands together
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then release

3. Chest Dips

In this exercise, the chest muscles do most of the work while the muscles in the arm do less.

  • Stand in a parallel bar
  • Hold the bars for support
  • Lean your body forward and bend your elbows as you bend your knees slightly with your feet off the ground
  • Lift your body by straightening your elbows
  • Return to original position and repeat

4. Twisting Dumbell Bench Press

bench press

  • Lie on a bench with dumbbells that you can carry
  • The dumbbells should be in your hands at your chest level and close to your body
  • Lift the dumbbells and straighten your hands up
  • As you lift your hands, twist your hands so that your palms are facing each other
  • Return to original position and repeat

5. Decline Dumbell Bench Press

An incline raises the upper body up, but in a decline, the upper body is lower than the lower body.

In a gym, you can decline the bench to 45 degrees or you can elevate your legs at home so that they are higher than the upper body.

This exercise is similar to the twisting dumbbell bench press.

  • After inclining the bench, lie on the bench with your dumbbells at chest level
  • Lift the dumbbells away from your chest and up
  • Return to original position and repeat.

6. Seated Chest Press

seated chest press

A chest press machine is usually used for this exercise.

  • Sit on a chest press after adjusting the weight you are willing to carry on the machine. You can study or familiarise yourself with the machine or ask a gym instructor to assist you. It is advised to start with a lighter weight if it is your first time.
  • Most of these machines have an adjustable seat to suit your height.
  • Your feet should be placed firmly on the ground slightly wider than your hip width
  • Hold on to the bars on the machine and push the bars out without moving your head, neck or back from the backrest
  • Pause after you push out the bars for a while and breathe in as you return to the original position

Why Is It Necessary To Work On The Lower Chest?

Workouts for the lower chest

The muscles of the chest cover the entire chest so there is no major muscle in each section of the chest. Looking at the description of the muscles of the chest, we looked at where these muscles start from.


The pectoralis major muscle, for example, has two origins. The part from the clavicle can be described as a part of the upper chest while the part that is from the breastbone can be said to be in the lower chest region.

Concentrating more on the upper chest will cause a muscle imbalance in the chest because there is no concurrent strengthening of the muscles in the lower region of the chest.

Working on the lower chest does not mean that there are workouts that concentrate only on the lower chest. Chest workouts act on the entire chest but modifications to our normal chest workouts can place more effort on the lower part of the muscles.

Precautions To Take While Working Out The Lower Chest


  1. Listen to your body. Do not overdo the exercises or the reps. Once you start to feel uncomfortable or tired, stop.
  2. Do not compare yourself with others.
  3. Ensure you see a doctor or physiotherapist before starting a chest workout
  4. Always warm up before exercising
  5. Always cool down and stretch after exercising


The lower chest does not have specific muscles to work on. However, the lower parts of the chest muscles need to be worked on to have a well-defined chest. Working more on the upper part of the chest will put a lot of strain on the upper part and may cause pain or muscular injuries.

Modifying the exercises can work on the different parts of the chest making you look as buff or as toned as you desire to be.

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Adekanmi Lipede, M.Sc, MPH