The Detox Fact Sheet: The Truths, The Myths and all you need to know.

There's so much buzz about detoxification of our bodies using diets and other processes. We have summarized all you need to know about detox and how to stay healthy.

diets and juices do not detoxify our bodies

What is ‘Detox’?

  • ‘Detox‘ is a common buzzword that suggests that you can cleanse your body of certain ‘toxins’ using dietary regimen and other processes.
  • Detox suggests that toxins accumulate in our bodies from the air we breathe, food we eat and beverages we drink.

  • Detox is currently being promoted on countless websites and endorsed by many celebrities as necessary for a healthy life.

What makes up a typical detox plan?

  • Herbal teas

  • Vegetable and fruit juices

  • Avoiding food for a period of time

  • Eating only fruits and vegetables

  • Drinking large amounts of water

  • Flushing your colon with water.

What are the supposed benefits of detox plans?

  • Quick weight loss

  • Immune system boost

  • Improved skin texture

  • Removal of body ‘toxins’

Myths about Detox.

  • Diets help us remove toxins that have accumulated in our bodies from the environment.

  • Drinking large amounts of water flushes everyday toxins out of our bodies

  • Eating diets made of only fruits and vegetables is healthy

  • Avoiding carbohydrates and dairy products aid in detoxification

  • It’s necessary to flush our colons with water or cleansing tablets to get rid of intestinal toxins.

Facts about Detox

  • Scientifically and medically, there is no such thing as dietary detoxification.

  • If toxins truly accumulated in our bodies significantly, we would feel ill.

  • Detox diets are not recommended by most doctors and dieticians.

  • Detox diets could be harmful with unpleasant side-effects.

  • The human body has an in-built detoxifying system that includes the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs.

  • Medically, there's no need to be worried about toxins if these organs are functioning properly

  • Poisons and other harmful agents like excess alcohol are detoxified by the liver.

  • There is no evidence to support the use of diets as detoxifying agents.

  • Starvation can lead to muscle break down, physical weakness and a weak immune system.

  • Weight loss from detox is not from any detoxification but from reduced calorie intake from the dietary restrictions.

  • There’s a big chance of regaining lost weight from returning to your regular diet after a detox plan.

  • There are friendly bacteria present in the intestines that prevent infection by harmful bacteria that may be flushed out by these detox processes.

detox diets are myths and do not remove any toxins

So What Is Recommended?

  • Dieticians and medical doctors advocate eating a balanced diet.

  • Balanced diets include a variety of foods, dietary fibre and fluids.

  • Balanced diets have most essential nutrients to provide energy, boost the immune system and prevent chronic diseases.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake

  • Avoid cigarette smoking

  • Have adequate and regular physical exercise

  • If you are trying to lose weight, consider decreasing your food portions and increasing your physical activity.


  • Detoxifying your body by taking certain diets is a myth and not recommended by dieticians and doctors.

  • Claims by many detox diet manufacturers and promoters are exaggerated and not backed by scientific evidence.

  • Detox diets could actually harm you.

  • You can live healthy by eating a balanced diet and having adequate physical activity.

  • Ask your doctor or dietician before starting any diet plan

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